Outbound Tracks

Outbound Tracks is an in-home studio in Naples, FL that specializes in recording electric and acoustic guitars. The primary focus is on high fidelity capture of tone. More broadly I focus on creative envisioning, scoring and high-fidelity capture of motifs for individual artists. Tracks recorded in sessions here are expected to be outbound to a some other mixing and mastering studio.

Tone Production: Guitarists consider tone production the holy grail. It requires a specialized studio and specialized skills. The interaction of instrument, room, amplifier and microphone all shape tone. For acoustic and classical instruments I provide insights into plectrum selection, nail and right hand techniques that generate the full and balanced tone. For electrics it is common here to swap preamp and power tubes.

Creative Process: The creative process is what makes a great recording. The creative process begins with envisioning and proceeds through iterations of elaboration and capture. Envisioning implies listening to and possibly helping you understand your goals. Elaboration means pre-engineering scoring of your ideas and matching what you imagine with the right equipment. Capture implies recording and tracking the score on the various high-fidelity hardware and interoperable, open source software tools. Delivery means provisioning tracks into standard formats made available to you through a secure environment.

Environment: The whole-house studio is the setting for the creative process. The no-walls environment includes both time outside at the pool and interaction with various resources available on the Internet through any device (BYOD).

Founder: I play all the roles (producer, engineer and guitarist) here at Outbound Tracks. Music has been part of my life since 1966 when I began playing guitar. I studied music formally at Wesleyan University, the University of Southern California and the New England Conservatory of Music. My experience with recording and engineering in home studios goes back to 1988 when I first recorded six compositions on a then new Macintosh SE with two (2) MB of RAM and a 45MB external hard drive. It's been an amazing ride ever since.

Services: Producer, Engineer and Guitarist.

Sessions and Rates: $125 per hour for a minimum four (4) hour lockout, exclusive of rentals.

Refreshments: Espresso, juice, sparkling water, spritzers and snacks.

Two recent projects created here at Outbound Tracks are: Unity Duo and Celtic Finger Style Guitar.

House Gear

Capturing the sound you imagine requires the right equipment. Of course no studio can maintain an inventory of every device for every application. We just rent required equipment identified in the creative process. Daily charges apply to rentals. House gear is free to use.


Contact: rick at rickmurphy dot org